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Mimaki’s New 3DUJ-P 3D Printer

At the Maker Faire this week in San Mateo we’ll be demonstrating the full range of products that make up Mimaki’s Microfactory, including the new 3DUJ-P 3D printer. The 3DUJ-P prints in over 10 million colors for “unprecedented 3D modeling, yielding vibrant colours and high-definition imaging.” This technology is perfect for modeling and 3D sign creation.  Look for us in Zone 2 of the exhibit hall.

Mimaki’s press release can be found here.

Instant rebates expire this month, so let us demonstrate the full breadth of Mimaki solutions, including printers, cutters, inks, and, now, 3D printing, that will allow you to build your own Microfactory.

For more on the Maker Faire see our earlier post.  Call us for details.

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