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AGL Compadre Laminator

Connect to AGL's web and download how to videos to your Zune media player. Place it in the docking station on your Compadre, and it's like having a personal instructor right with you every step of the way! It''s so easy anyone can now learn how to set up the laminator, and run jobs. Updates, new materials, and techniques are now just a click, watch, and learn away.

We''re not talking about raising the rollers with a hand crank! Compadre is pneumatic! We''re talking tunes, download your favorite music and rock out! Or chill to some jazz, it''s up to you. Plug your Zune into your Compadre, that''s right! Your Compadre has an internal subwoofer with stereo speakers. Get into your groove while you work.

The Compadre helps you Breeze through these processes and more!

  • Over-laminate Solvent inkjet Prints on PSV
  • Pre-mask vinyl graphics
  • Pre-coat boards with adhesive
  • Mount vinyl decals
  • Create paper decals for mounting
  • Apply colored vinyl backgrounds
  • Over laminate banners
  • Mount paper prints

For more information, please visit AGL''s Compadre product page.

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