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Gfp 200 Series Laminators

The Gfp 200 Series laminators are the affordable alternative to time-consuming hand finishing with rollers and squeegees.

Gfp 300-Series Top Heat Laminators

The Gfp 300 Series delivers rugged construction, labor-saving features, and high quality output in an entry level machine.

Gfp 563TH-3R MaxPro ProductionTop Heat Laminator

What's the best way to make your production even better? Shorten film loading time? Make fewer film changes? Increase throughput speed? The 563TH-3 does all that and more.

Gfp 865DH-3 Professional Dual Heat Laminator

For finishing professionals who need versatility, quality, and economy in one machine, the Gfp 865DH-3 delivers. Turn out thermal encapsulation with low melt films (1.5-10mil), PSA lamination, and mounting jobs quickly and easily.


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