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Financing Info

ImageTech, LLC is pleased to have partnered with a reputable and competitive commercial lender to offer attractive financing and leasing options to our customers.  The affiliation with First Star Capital will facilitate the easy acquisition of your pending equipment additions and upgrades.

We have chosen First Star Capital as our financing partner not only because of their track record of integrity and excellence, but also because of their reputation and relationship driven approach to business.  Their rates have proven to be competitive, but more importantly their programs are flexible and accommodating.  Furthermore they have taken the time to understand the equipment that you are considering purchasing and to fully comprehend how it fits into your business.

You may not be aware that leasing offers 100% financing including installation, training, warranties, and taxes.  We can also let your organization realize some important additional benefits such as improved cash flow, flexibility to expand or upgrade your system, as well as fixed rate financing with protection against inflation.

For more information about our programs for the photography and graphic arts industry, please visit or

Furthermore, there is an increased incentive to invest in capital equipment for your business during the 2009 calendar year.  This incentive comes from the increased parameters of the Section 179 deduction made possible through the new Economic Stimulus package – The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

For more details on Section 179 visit:

For more details on the Economic Stimulus Act visit:

If you are interested in exploring a simple and effective way to finance your new machine please let us know.  We will have an equipment finance specialist promptly assigned to your account.  This specialist will help you spread out the cost of your equipment acquisition so that the equipment pays for itself over the course of its useful life.

You can apply now by clicking the button or following the link below or contact First Star Capital directly for more information:


Brad Harmon
ImageTech, LLC Finance Officer
P: 800-604-4817

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