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Onyx GamaPrint SE Version 7
RIP Software

ONYX GamaPrint software RIP is specifically designed to make large-format printing easy, while still maximizing printer performance. GamaPrint is built upon the awardwinning ONYX® color technology and robust productionlevel RIP engine. In addition to PDF and PostScript®, GamaPrint supports TIFF, JPEG and JPEG 2000 files and is reliable with PostScript® and PDF language.


GamaPrint offers an easy WYSIWYG graphical user interface for a simple print workflow. The workflow includes color management and a wide variety of convenient image layout, edit and print functions. The workflow toolset also includes sizing, cropping, color correction, contour cutting and nesting. Users can quickly open supported files created with their favorite design applications and produce spectacular output on their printer.

GamaPrint includes a fully-licensed PANTONE® Spot Color Matching library, making spot color matching easy and accurate. Other color features include color management presets, separate input profile settings for raster and vector images and embedded ICC profile support. GamaPrint also provides color-accurate image previews on screen, keeping ink and media usage to a minimum.


GamaPrint SE is the lower-cost version of the product, which supports printing to one printer. The list of drivers includes most large-format indoor inkjet printers as well as several entry-level solvent printers.

GamaPrint Pro is a higher-end version, which includes the RIP-Queue application and can print to two printers simultaneously. The list of drivers includes both indoor and outdoor large-format inkjet printers. It also includes Media Manager for recalibration and media management.

Photo Packaging

With the photo package template tool, you can easily create professional photo packages. Simply select an image and choose a template. The software automatically sizes and rotates the image to complete the photo package

The software allows you to select from one of 10 default package templates. Or with the included Template Manager Tool you can create and define your own custom photo packages for specific uses.

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