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Tecnolab Ecomix EM 2, 3, 4, C

The Ecomix EM is a completely self contained unit wich can mix different replenisher chemicals from neat concentrates and/or recycle overflow from a processor. Capable of mixing large amount of chemicals - up to 1.300 litres/day - it has a built in pump to transfer the mixed chemicals to an external storage tank automatically.EcoMix EM 2, 3, 4 C: to prepare 2, 3 or 4 different products.

Tecnolab Deltamicro Film Processor

The Delta Microcomputer are distinguished for the high degree of functionality, for their practicality, economy of exercise and for the easy maintenance. Using members always online with the more modern technologies.

Tecnolab Ecomix Instruction Manual

Tecnolab Ecomix Spare Parts Guide

Tecnolab Gamma Series Film Processor for E 6, C 41, B-W

The Range series have been born in order to satisfy the requirements of the little ones and means laboratories interested to having professional equipments that succeed in giving the maximum of the quality. The tried reliability of the members and all the used parts, the costanza in the time of the optimal results that can be obtained, the emergency for the dealt material and the operator.

Tecnolab In-Line

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Tecnolab Replenishment Storage and IMC Mixing Consoles

Replenishment Storage and IMC Mixing ConsolesThese versatile chemical handling units have been designed to provide an excellent compromise between traditional methods of preparing and containing chemicals and more costly automatic chemical management system. The consoles are available in 2 distinct types; Storage Console ( SC ) and a most effective Isolation Mixing Console ( IMC ) Available for 30, 60, 120 litres capacity .


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