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Photographic Equipment :: Hydra Hydra

Hydra ADE24/TX Algae Free System

Complete Automatic Anti-Algae Pump System for processors wash tanks. Removes algae, slime and bio-film. Stops algae re-growth. Keeps wash tanks, pipes and overflows crystal clean 24/7. Includes 5 litre Algae Free/AD.

Hydra Algae Free/AD

Automatic Dosing Algae Bio-Slime Sludge Eliminator Refills for Hydra ADE24/TX System

Hydra Algae Free/HD

Manual Dosing. Algae Bio-Slime Sludge Eliminator. One shot of Hydra Algae Free per day keeps wash/rinse tanks crystal clean and slime free.

Hydra Blitz V2

Deep Cleaner - Foaming Processor Cleaner and Scale Remover Specially formulated to remove the heaviest develper and fix build-up.

Hydra Defoam

Silicone defoamer, anti-foam for photographic processing soutions.

Hydra DSC-100

Two stage Developer Systems Cleaner. Removes Developer By-products, Metallic Silver, Silver Sulphide & Calcium Deposits from processors.

Hydra Fury

Fast Acting Silver Deposit Remover. Wipe On / Wipe Off Method. Releases silver build-up from rollers with a wipe.

Hydra Glitter Phot

Anti-static Non-Smearing Non Flammable & Fast Drying Solution. Instantly removes dust, grime and fingerprints with a wipe.

Hydra Max

Stops - Algae growth in stabiliser solutions, Stabilisers from degrading or going sour. Static build-up and drying marks and streaking.

Hydra Pre-Clean

Fast Acting Deep Cleaner / Sterilizer for Wash Tanks & Racks

Hydra Sprint V2

Fast Acting Non-Fuming Foaming Processor Cleaner Rapidly removes Stains, Dyes, Glues, Developer & Polymer Residues

Hydra Viper

Touch Screen Cleaner / Kiosk Screen Cleaner. Dual Purpose - For Cleaning & Disinfecting. Removes all types of contamination and germs with a wipe.

Hydra Zebra Clean

Safe Fast Drying Film / Negative / Emulsion Cleaner. Rapidly removes marks and fingerprints, pen, pencil marks and mildew.

Hydra Zeta Gold pH

Antiseptic Skin Soap. Clean hands without robbing skin of its natural oils, helps repair very dry or cracked skin due to the continued use of chemicals and processing materials. Helps heal paper cuts and infections.

Hydra ZX-100

Hydra ZX-100 removes even heavily oxidized developer, bleach/fix scale and soft sulphur deposits.


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