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Mimaki UJF7161
Solvent Printer

The flatbed ink jet printer "UJF3042HG" enables printing on a wide range of printing application by direct printing on A3 size (420 x 297mm) with 150mm high. Digital data printing provides more detailed and flexible responses to customer's needs than the printing method using print plates.

6-color, white and clear ink achieves eye-catching print results.

Six-color inks are set up by adding two ink slots. Higher-definition and more beautiful gradation than four-color printing can be achieved by using six colors. Furthermore, white and clear inks add value to printed products by providing under/over-coating on transparent or colored materials as well as glossy /matte finish.

Mimaki Circulation Technology

Automatic ink circulation system "MCT" (Mimaki Circulation Technology) prevents pigment sedimentation. This system provides efficient white ink consumption, thus reducing white ink waste. Additionally, the "MCT" offers more stable white ink-jetting.

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