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New Vanguard Flatbed Printers

Big Announcement from Vanguard: New line of Flatbed Printers!

60 boards an hour is now a reality! Vanguard Digital Printing Systems Introduces three UV printers that print a 4’x8’ board in less than a minute!

Vanguard Digital Printing Systems (VDPS) has again expanded their award-winning portfolio of LED UV wide format inkjet printers. Vanguard Digital is proud to announce the addition of the NEW VK300D-HS, VKM600T-HS, and VKR3200-HS line of UV printers.

The printers will be introduced at Printing United. VDPS booth # is 8450.

The mid-level VKM600T-HS prints an entire 4’x8’ board at an astounding speed of less than a minute, in Quality mode. The VKM600T-HS is the most affordable machine in its class with an introductory price of $124,995. Following in the footsteps of the VKM600D-HS, the Vanguard Digital VK300D-HS UV flatbed printer prints an entire 5’x10’ high-quality board all in less than a minute. Built on the same 4-time SGIA Product of The Year award winning platform, the VK300D- HS has an introductory price of $179,995. The VKR3200-HS 3.2m / 126” Roll-to- Roll UV printer combines the same technology and delivers up to 3,000 square feet an hour in quality mode, with an introductory price of 135,000.

These new UV printers utilize the latest state of the art printhead technology with high speed electromagnetic drive system to deliver unparalleled results never seen before in the market. Vanguard Digital has crafted their world class UV printer portfolio by utilizing the highest quality components in their construction which allows these results to be delivered for years to come. Vanguard Digital Printing Systems thoughtfully engineers their machines with the most advanced printhead technology, high speed electromagnetic drives and liquid cooled LED technology to deliver unmatched quality and speed.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Vanguard Digital Printing Systems is proud to announce the VK300D-HS is the recipient of this year’s SGIA Product of the Year Award in the High-Volume Production Class category.

These new printers expand Vanguards market leading performance into the high- volume production class market. When combining the speeds of these new machines along with the latest print head technologies firing ink drops as small as 3.5 picolitre, VDPS will ensures best in class performance for not only today but tomorrow also.

“We are exceptionally proud of our team, as well as grateful for our customers who have provided us the opportunity to become the innovative market leaders we are today. As proud as we are of our team’s accomplishments in delivering these new printers, it’s important to emphasize that a printer is only as good as the support provided after the sale.” Dave Cich – President & CEO

“The philosophy instilled within The Vanguard Team is entirely customer centric. With our client’s best interests at the core of what we do, we will continue to out- service our competitors so that our family of clients can experience an outstanding return on their investment. Offering the best-in-class service has been and will always be the formula for our success.” – Jim Peterson, COO

To learn more call 470-326-3790.

About Vanguard Digital Printing Systems

Vanguard Digital Printing Systems is fast becoming the premier wide-format printer of choice. VDPS believes in constantly evolving to meet customer needs by defining the market based on innovation, quality, speed and price. The commitment to innovation and building long-term client relationships is what sets them apart. VDPS also prides itself in standing behind their equipment, making sure that your printers are up, running and performing as promised. If it’s not serviceable by your in-house team, then their goal is to have a Vanguard technician be at your door within 24 hours with a solution.

The Vanguard team has more than 150 combined years of successful experience in the Digital Printing industry and is excited to work with you to develop the design, features and functionality you need in your printers.

ImageTech presents our latest UV Flatbed!


Volume XX | August 20, 2018
ImageTech is pleased to now be a Vanguard Authorized Dealer!
Fast! The Vanguard VR5D UV Flatbed Printer combines revolutionary technology, industry leading quality, and outstanding speeds to satisfy the most demanding environment. Precisely adjustable LED curing technology allows you to print to more substrates with greater control. Air assisted pin registration provides precise media alignment. Twin mufflers reduce the noise level of the powerful media vacuum pumps. And most important all a national service team is ready when you need us. Just a phone call puts our group into action and we will get you back up and running whether it’s over the phone or an onsite visit.
Faster! The VK300D is perfect for higher volume shops. With a configurable carriage design, from 2 to 10 printheads, you can start at the production speeds you need and easily add printheads as your demand grows. All without the headaches of having to replace a printer you have outgrown. Adding more printheads saves money & space. With just two printheads you can print 15 boards an hour in production mode. Add two more and reach 25 boards an hour. Eight heads will produce 40 boards per hour at a quality that will satisfy the most demanding customer. The VK300D is the fast and reliable true 5′ x 10′ UV Flatbed Printer.
Steve Michel – ImageTech, LLC – 510.238.8905 –

Scrim Banner Media

ImageTech and Bayinkjet offer a variety of large format scrim banner media by Arlon, Canon, Drytac, and Kapco, as well as our more affordable ImageTech house brand.

These scrim banner products typically come in polyester fabric, polypropylene, PET, and PVC calendared vinyl and are compatible with UV, latext, solvent, and aqueous wide format printers. Scrim Banner materials provide great image quality for indoor and outdoor event and promotional display advertising. Many of these scrim banner products are tear- and fire-resistant and suitable for sewing and grommets.

Call us to learn more about our selection of scrim banner wide format media: (510) 238-8905. Also, our Bayinkjet product filtering tools will help you narrow your choices.

Blockout Banner Media

ImageTech and Bayinkjet offer a variety of wide format blockout banner media by Arlon, Canon, Drytac, and Kapco, as well as our more affordable ImageTech house brand.

We carry blockout banner in polypropylene (recyclable), PVC, and PET films and vinyl for UV, latext, solvent, and aqueous printers. Our blockout banner products offer high resolution image quality for promotional indoor and outdoor graphics and signage, such as event, pole, and street banners. Many of these banner products are tear- and fire-resistant and suitable for sewing and grommets.

Call us to learn more about blockout banner media: (510) 238-8905. Check out our online product filtering tools that will help you narrow your selection.

Mimaki UV Inks

ImageTech is a leading California authorized seller, servicer, and installer of Mimaki large format UV printers. As a commitment to Mimaki customers, we carry a complete line of OEM Mimaki UV inks, as well hard-to-find solvent and UV media, papers, vinyl, banner, window & vehicle wraps, wall & floor graphic material, and adhesive media. For competitive pricing and quick turn-around, we offer:

Immediate curing and adhesion by UV radiation: an ecological and energy-saving ink

The UV-curable ink is cured and adhered to the media or substrate by UV radiation. The print is already dried when it comes out of the printer, allowing a short delivery request to be met. Printing on non-absorbent materials, including plastic, glass, and metal, is available. To give shape to ideas, Mimaki offers a range of UV-curable ink products to meet demands from various industries, ranging from decorating and architecture to industrial design.
UV curable ink [LH-100], [LU-125], [LUS-120], [LUS-150], [LUS-170], [LUS-175] and [LUS-200] gained the “GREENGUARD Gold” certification by UL LLC of third-party institution of safety science of the United States.

Environmental advantages: low-VOC ink and ozone-free LED–UV light

The color components of the ink are directly cured and adhered to the media or substrate by UV radiation, and the ink emits very low levels of VOC (volatile organic carbon). The LED (light-emitting diode) light does not radiate short wavelengths that generate ozone. Use of Mimaki UV-curable ink demonstrates consciousness about the environment and the health of users.

Mechanism of UV- curable ink adhesion

Mimaki released LED–UV-curable inks ahead of other global competitors

Mimaki first adopted the use of LED light to solve all the problems associated with metal halide lamps, such as long warm-up or restrike times, high power consumption, large bulbs, short lamp life, and high temperatures. The LED–UV ink curing system not only provides high quality printing with speed but also meets various demands from users with high media compatibility.

Energy saving and long life

The power consumption and heat generation of LED lights are remarkably lower than those of metal halide lamps. In addition to energy and cost saving, the long-life LED light reduces lamp wastage because of replacements.

High media compatibility with low heat generation

Thanks to the low heat generation of LED–UV light, Mimaki UV ink is capable of printing vibrant and beautiful colors on heat-sensitive materials, such as acrylic board, PVC, PET, etc.

High-speed printing

High-speed printing at 60 m2/h with vibrant and fine print results is achieved. We have been developing inks and printers for years, and hence have been able to focus our technologies for obtaining the best results from both.

Mimaki’s unique head control technology delivers smooth gradation printing

Smooth and beautiful gradation printing is available due to the excellent color reproducibility of the inks as well as by the use of Mimaki’s inkjet technology.

Offering hard and soft ink types for a wide range of applications

Hard and soft ink types are provided. Hard inks are used on the surfaces of hard materials, such as plates. Soft and flexible inks are suited for membrane panels, films, vehicle-wrapping films, and packaging films. Mimaki UV inks have high media compatibility for a wide range of applications.

White and clear inks enable a wide variety of print expressions

White ink is used as the base layer for color printing. The white base layer enhances color printing on transparent media.

■ Color printing without white ink base layer

Because of the high light transmittance of the media, printed colors are not very vivid.

■ White ink base layer with color printing

The printed image is bright and vivid on the white ink base layer.

Embossed printing is also available by combining the use of a primer with color inks. The UV ink broadens the range of possible print designs.

Patent number / JPN: 5817059 USA: US9,132,685 B2

“GREENGUARD Gold” Certification

GREENGUARD Gold Certification label

UV curable ink [LH-100], [LU-125], [LUS-120], [LUS-150] , [LUS-170] , [LUS-175] and [LUS-200] gained the “GREENGUARD Gold” certification.

[GREENGUARD Gold] Certification Ink

With the current rise of desire for environmentally-minded products by consumers, the interest of the “value of environment” is growing.
GREENGUARD is a program of the environmental certification on chemical emissions of indoor spaces by UL LLC of third-party institution of safety science of the United States.
Based on the backed information by the unbiased empirical science data, the products with less chemical emission to the room spaces and more environmentally-friendly can be approved to this certification.
The certification has two sorts such as the Standard and the Gold. The Gold offers more strict certification criteria than the Standard.

Mimaki took the lead of the market to develop ink, ink-jet printer industry to reduce environmental impact. Especially the sublimation printing is becoming attractive as its environmental-minded system.
Mimaki continues to pursue the print technology of high-quality and to strive to reduce its environment impact for the realization of environmentally-friendly manufacturing. It will aim to continue offering products and services considering the safety and security of our valued customers.

Applicable product

Mimaki UCJV-300: UV Printing, Support, and Installation at Competitive Pricing

The new Mimaki UCJV-300 is an affordable and versatile UV-curable 64-inch inkjet printer, able to both print and cut your sign graphics. ImageTech offers competitive pricing and outstanding service and installation on this printer. Call us at (510) 238-8905 for full details and the latest deals and pricing.

Key features of the Mimaki UCJV300 include:

  • 64″ Wide UV Cure Roll to Roll Printer
  • White Ink with Great Opacity
  • Instant Drying for Immediate Lamination
  • Low Heat LED UV Technology
  • Built in CutterLow Priced One Liter Bottles of Ink
  • $3,000 trade in credit for your current 54″ or wider printer from any manufacturer for a limited time.

For a complete selection of UV media, including the Arlon, Drytac, Kapco, and ImageTech brands, visit our online store at

Call our friendly staff for for more information of the Mimaki line of wide format printers or the best media for your application and printer.

Permanent and Removable Adhesive Backed Vinyls For Large Format Printing

ImageTech/Bayinkjet carries one of the most comprehensive selections of permanent and removable adhesive vinyls for the large format graphics printers.  Our OEM products from Arlon, Drytac, Kapco, and others include backlit films, banners, chalkboard/dry erase materials, signage media, vehicle wraps, wall and floor vinyls, and window films for the most demanding environments.

These permanent and removable adhesive printer media are designed for solvent, UV, latex, and aqueous printers. As experts in installation and servicing large format printers, including Canon, Epson, and Mimaki, we can answer all your questions concerning the use and application of these permanent and removable adhesive media.

For a closer look at our full line of permanent adhesive media visit our online store »

Call us with your questions at 510.238.8905.

Mimaki JFX200 Instant Rebate and Free Extended Warranty

Mimaki JFX200-2513For a limited time, the 98.4” wide Mimaki JFX200 UV printers come with not only a $2,000 to $3,000 instant rebate, but also a free set of Mimaki LH or LUS inks (8 x 1000cc) and, for the JFX200-2531, a free 2-year extended warranty —a $10,000 value. These multi-head printers have a resolution up to 1,440 dpi, capable of high quality printing at eight 4’x8’ tables per hour. The JFX200 prints to both flexible media, such as banners and print packaging, and rigid materials, such as wood, aluminum, or glass. Applications includes signs & displays, POS display, object decoration, industrial print and packaging. Raster Link 6 RIP included.

Offer expires 12.22.2017. Delivery, installation, and training not included. Call for complete information on these printers: 510.238.8905

Visit our online store for the Lowest prices on Mimaki inks at »

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