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ImageTech presents our latest UV Flatbed!


Volume XX | August 20, 2018
ImageTech is pleased to now be a Vanguard Authorized Dealer!
Fast! The Vanguard VR5D UV Flatbed Printer combines revolutionary technology, industry leading quality, and outstanding speeds to satisfy the most demanding environment. Precisely adjustable LED curing technology allows you to print to more substrates with greater control. Air assisted pin registration provides precise media alignment. Twin mufflers reduce the noise level of the powerful media vacuum pumps. And most important all a national service team is ready when you need us. Just a phone call puts our group into action and we will get you back up and running whether it’s over the phone or an onsite visit.
Faster! The VK300D is perfect for higher volume shops. With a configurable carriage design, from 2 to 10 printheads, you can start at the production speeds you need and easily add printheads as your demand grows. All without the headaches of having to replace a printer you have outgrown. Adding more printheads saves money & space. With just two printheads you can print 15 boards an hour in production mode. Add two more and reach 25 boards an hour. Eight heads will produce 40 boards per hour at a quality that will satisfy the most demanding customer. The VK300D is the fast and reliable true 5′ x 10′ UV Flatbed Printer.
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Color Management Training and Support

One of the most popular services offered by ImageTech is on-site color management training at a client’s facility. We train you directly on calibration, color profiling, and the RIP software running on your hardware. You’ll learn the ins and outs of calibration, with new staff brought up to speed quickly in calibration and use of printers, spectrophotometers, densitometers, colorimeters, displays, monitors, cameras, scanners, and more. We’ll teach you how to produce and install the most accurate ICC color profiles tailored specifically to your printer, inks, and media.

We know of very few companies, particularly in Northern California, that provide this service. We support virtually all RIPs in the wide format printer industry and are an authorized Mimaki and Canon distributor. Our qualified technicians have 20+ years experience troubleshooting and repairing large format printers, flatbeds, processors, and more.

To learn more about RIPs or to schedule a training session call ImageTech at 510.238.8905.

For a complete selection of color management equipment, visit our online store at

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